Covenant and Elysium are the great add-ons to give the entertainment through all tv shows and other your favourite videos. It is clear, but we have to talk about the API key for these two add-ons. Every time covenant and Elysium add-ons are getting disruptions due to the API key has banned by the officials. If you had your own API key you won’t wait for a new one it automatically fixes itself. From the below, we are going to learn about the how to add your own API key into Metahandler settings. Just have a look at below to know briefly about the procedure.

How To Make API key for Covenant And Elysium Kodi Addon

Here we are providing the information about to add the personal API key into Metahandler Settings for covenant kodi and Elysium kodi addons. You can check them in the below.

Kodi 16.1:

Are you using the kodi 16.1 version, then follow the below steps to fix API into the Metahandler settings.

  1. First of all, you have to launch the KODI HOME SCREEN
  2. From that home screen, you must choose SYSTEM option
  3. Then choose the ADD-ONS option
  4. Next, you can see the SYSTEM option after clicking on the ADD-ONS option
  5. You would get DEPENDENCIES just click on that option
  6. And then the METAHANDLER option will appear
  7. Just click on the METAHANDLER option
  8. Finally, click on the CONFIGURE option which will come after clicking on the Metahandler option
  9. Here ADD your personal API KEY to TMDB
  10. Next, enable the OVERRIDE option
  11. Finally, click on OK option and then DONE option

The above are the simple steps to fix your personal API key to the Metahandler settings. Just follow them as we said above.

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KODI 17.4:

If you want to fix API key to your Kodi 17.4, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Click on the SETTINGS option
  • Next, select the SYSTEM option
  • Then click on the ADD-ONS
  • Choose the MANAGE DEPENDENCIES option
  • Now click on the METAHANDLER
  • Now choose the CONFIGURE
  • Here you have to add your own API key to the TMDB
  • And enable the OVERRIDE option
  • Finally, click on OK option to fix API key to your KODI 17.4

These are the simple steps to add your personal API key into Metahandler settings of kodi 17.4 version. If have any other queries related to this article you can drop your words in the comment section. We must tell you this blog totally about only covenant kodi, so you can ask and know anything about covenant kodi addon.