Hello, friends! are you bothering with not working issue of the covenant on kodi?  We said in our previous article about the how to solve this issue. But some users have not understood yet about the solution of this issue, For them here we are providing alternative steps to the previous steps it will help you a lot than the previous article. Solve your covenant not working issue here and don’t miss your favourite videos and tv shows. The steps are as follows.

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#Update: This “not working issue” mostly causes due to tvad me pair, so to fix these type of pop up’s on our kodi addon we have to follow fixing guide of tvad.me/pair and avoid using this type of pop up’s.

Before Going to apply below process Install addon using “http://aeom.cf/repo” Repo name is All eyez On me

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Covenant Not Working On Kodi Issue Solved 2019

This article will make you happy by giving better information and correct solution to your kodi covenant not working issue. 2019. From this article, you can know the information about how to fix covenant not working and no stream available. Here you need to follow the below steps:

  1.  First of all open “Covenant add-on”
  2. Then click on “Tools option”
  3.  After that, “Settings”>”General”
  4.  Then make sure here provided “Timeout is 30 or not”
  5.  If not change it to “30”
  6.  Then click on the “Playback” option which is located beside of “Provided timeout option”
  7.  Here you have to turn on “Hosters with captchas”
  8.  Then set max quality up to “1080p”
  9.  Click on “Ok” option
  10.  Click on the “Covenant clear cache”
  11.  Then click on “Yes”
  12.  Next, you have to click on covenant: “Clear Providers”
  13.  Click on “Yes”
  14.  Finally, choose your favourite video or tv show to watch on it

The above steps will give you your favorite videos or any other shows that you wanted to watch on covenant Kodi addon. Just follow the above steps and solve your covenant not working issue and enjoy this covenant Kodi application. To fix this type of streaming errors and authorization pairing errors we need to use this https:// olpair.com one of solving the Kodi pairing error.

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In Which Way We Can Optimize Kodi For Resolving The Buffering Problems

Every Kodi user is getting the common issue is buffering problems. But there is nothing to do to remove this issue before some months but just a few months ago the Kodi developers have introduced some basic methods and I also surprised after using that no stream available method. Now we are providing them with this tutorial and I recommend just be cautious while following the below steps. Because you won’t get its result if you were not following the exact procedure.

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We are providing the two simple and latest updated methods so use those methods to resolve your issue.

First Method:

  • Launch Your “Kodi” on any one of your devices
  • Click on “Settings” and then chose “Player Settings”
  • On the lower left hand of your screen “Standard Mode” option
  • But just convert that option to “Expert Mode”
  • Now on the top of your screen, you can see “Videos” so just “Click” on it
  • The “Processing” option will appear to you which lies on the right-hand side. There you will see 3 settings and they are as follows
  • HQ scaling to scaling above” this is the one setting, so you have to change this setting to “20%” to “0%” (If you are a firestick or FTV or any other low storage devices you have to just opposite that to 80% and restart the Kodi. Sometimes it doesn’t work with that percentage at that time you have to change that to 100%)
  • Remaining Two Settings should be turned off they are as below
  •  *Allow hardware acceleration- media codec (surface). You must turn off this setting
  • *Allow hardware acceleration – media codec. You must turn off this setting

Second Method:

In this method, we are going to stop Kodi buffering. If you follow the below steps you will never ever get this issue and in this tutorial, we are giving the step by step procedure with all necessary images.

  1. Click on the “System” option which lies on top of your Kodi home screen
  2. In the bottom of right-hand corner, you have to select “File Manager”
  3. From the left-hand side menu, you need to select “Add Source”
  4. Now you will get “None” option just select that option to enter a path address
  5. The address is “http://aeom.cf/repo” or  “http://kdil.co/repo/kodil.zip” or “http://www.lvtvv.com/repo/” now simply press on “OK”
  6. Now you will get “Enter a name for this media source” option just click on that
  7. In that box, you need to enter “TT” or any other name whatever you can remember and click on “OK”
  8. Again you will get “OK” option just click on it
  9. Now go back to the “Kodi Home Screen” then click on the “Addons” which lies left-hand side menu
  10. Click on “Open box Icon”
  11. Select “Install From Zip file”
  12. Here you will get the “TT” option which you have given this name in the previous step.
  13. Scroll down to the “Maintenance” option
  14. Click on “Kodi 17 BufferingFix.zip”
  15. After few seconds you will get the “Notification”
  16. Finally you need to “Restart” your kodi


We hope you are happy with our information. If you want to share your experience with our follower’s comment in the comment box about your experience of watching your favorite videos on covenant Kodi addon through our instructions or our steps. Stay with us for more updates and information about covenant Kodi add-ons and other Kodi applications.