There are several reasons to get genesis Reborn Not Working in 2019 Issues from those issues every genesis user is getting one of the common issues are No Stream Available and also they are suffering with the other not working issues. If you are searching for the solutions for those issues then read this article and apply the steps as we mentioned below.

But before you are going to check the solutions for these not working and Genesis Reborn No Stream Available september 2019 and other issues, you must make sure that are you using the latest “Jesus Box Repository “ or not. If not just Uninstall the addon and install it from its latest repository.

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Get The Solution To Fix The Genesis Reborn No Stream Available 2019

Whenever you are trying to watch your favourite movies through this addon you might be getting this no stream available error or sometimes it will deliver this issue before you would click on any of your favourite movies. So at that times you must follow the below steps.

Check: Firestick

First of all let me tell you the procedure to update this Genesis Reborn With its Latest Repository and then we can go for the No Stream Available Error solution.

  • First of all go to “Kodi Home Screen” > Chose “Addons” from there > Chose “Genesis Reborn” (Right Click on it)
  • Chose “Information” > Hit on “Update” > Here you can click on the latest version “Jesus Box Repository” > After few seconds you will get a notification “Genesis Reborn Updated”

After updating this addon to its latest version you have to try to watch your favourite movies through this addon, if you are again getting this no stream available issue, then follow the below steps.

  1. Chose “Updated Genesis Reborn” (Right Click on it)
  2. Select “Tools”  and then choose “Genesis Reborn: Clear Cache” 
  3. Now a pop up will come which is asking “YES or NO”, so choose “YES”
  4. Also click on “Genesis Reborn: Clear Providers”
  5. Now a pop up will come which is asking “YES or NO”, so choose “YES”
  6. Again visit the “Kodi Home Screen” > Right Click on the “Genesis Reborn” > Click on “Settings”
  7. Make sure “Providers Time Out 20 to 30”
  8. Now click on the “Playback” > Select “Hosters With Captchas” make sure to “Turn Off”
  9. Press “Library” and then you need to “Turn On” the option “Check Movie Before Adding It”

If you follow the above procedure, definitely you will get the best result and you won’t face genesis reborn not finding streams or any other streaming issues. So use this solution and get rid of the the genesis reborn no hd streams.

Still if you are facing the not working issues instead of the above mentioned issue then observe the below issues, if your issue is matching with the below issues then use their solution and get rid of those issues.

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How To Fix Other Genesis Reborn Not Working Erros

There are several issues which many users are getting the genesis reborn not working properly issues, so now we are mentioning those issues along with their solutions. Catch those solutions and use them on your kodi latest addon.

Genesis Reborn Failed To Install A Dependency

Actually, this error occurs because of the Out Dated Repository so try to uninstall that repository and reinstall with the latest version, from there you can install this Genesis Reborn Addon.

Genesis Reborn Not Working On Firestick

This is the simple issue to solve. First of all you must have to install the kodi application on your firestick and then install this genesis reborn addon with its latest repository. So after using this suggestion you won’t be getting Genesis Reborn not working on firestick issue.