Kodi is designed specifically for home entertainment although it was developed for Microsoft Xbox and also known as Xbox Media Center  (XBMC).  XBMC or Kodi is a open Source software which is freely available and continuously develop a community of its group. Kodi is handled by non-profitable XBMC Foundation unlike of Chromecast or plex services, but it is constantly refitted & upgraded by numerous coders and programmers around the globe. Kodi is developed to run on computer systems or home servers which are connected through larger TVs.  However it is now possible to run Kodi in some smart phones & tablets.

Kodi usually turns our smart phone, computer or tablet into a digital streamer or digital set top box and provide the ability to stream files from the network, the internet or a local storage. Kodi evolved to leave behind the hardware limitations of XBOX. Kodi can be easily installed on various hardware platforms such as a cheap laptop or computer to the Raspberry Pi.

There are basically two methods to install kodi on fire stick. The first method evolved for kodi on fire stick is by using ES file explorer in which we don’t need a computer or laptop. And the second method we can use to install the kodi software on a fire stick is abdlink in which we need a computer. Both of the methods to install kodi on fire stick are quite good and work correctly.

Kodi Amazon Fire Stick

Firestick kodi is a best setup device because it is small in size and portable because it is able to being transported.  Amazon fire tv is also a streaming media device which associates with the internet and allows you to stream content from numerous internet sources like You tube & Netflix and also from other music and image sources.  This post guide you to install Kodi on fire stick.  Amazon fire TV Comes in two different variants which are Fire TV and Fire stick. Both are similar to each other but the fire tv is stronger than fire stick. Fire TV is a Boxed device while firestick is an small appliance, both work properly with the Kodi. You can just buy a Fire stick in the range of 50- 60$. We just need a fast internet connection and a HDMI TV to enjoy Kodi on Firestick Setup.

If you are thinking for whether you have to install fire tv or firestick then here are some things you need to be considered. The Fire TV is snappy as comparative to the Fire TV Stick because it has more processing power. And also the Fire TV has expandable Storage but the Firestick doesn’t have any expandable storage. The Fire TV allows us to add more storage through a USB thumb drive or micro SD card.

Amazon Just develop a New fire stick as Amazon Fire Stick 2.  New kodi amazon fire stick is a amazing device because it is more powerful & portable. If you are thinking to buy a new kodi streaming box then amazon Firestick 2 is a great option for you.

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Recently Amazon released out a new update for the users who have a 2nd generation Fire TV stick or Fire TV which includes a new user interface. The New updated Amazon Fire Stick is unveiled as New Fire Stick 2. All of the method which are listed below to install the Firestick Kodi is compatible with the New Amazon Firestick 2.

Easy Guide To install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick:-

This method of installing kodi on firestick or fire TV is the fastest method among all. And the best thing of this method is that it works perfectly with every firestick or fire tv devices. Below we provide you the step by step guide to install kodi on fire stick. The method is quite common to all fire Tv and fire stick devices.

  • Firstly you guys need to go to settings and then scroll to the system (Settings -> System).
  • Then Search the Developer Options and now Enable ADB connections over the network option (Developer Options ->Enable ADB Debugging).
  • And then you have to Enable Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Now Go back to the App store. Find and install Downloader (by esaba).
  • Now open the installed app through above steps and paste the link given below and then press on download button.


  • After downloading the app you will find the option to install kodi on fire stick.
  • Press on the Install tab.
  • Now Kodi is successfully installed in your Firestick
  • Then Go to apps section and start kodi on your fire stick.

How To Install Kodi Firestick 2020 /Fire TV using Apps2Fire Mobile App:-

Apps2Fire is an Android Application is an great app which helps you to install Android Apps on Amazon Kodi Fire Tv Stick. So Firstly you need to install the Kodi software in on your Smartphone and then through Apps2Fire you will transfer that application in the Amazon Fire Stick/ Fire TV. If you have and Android Smartphone then the installation of Kodi will be done very easily. It is one of the best and simple method to install Kodi on Firestick 2020. Our this post is only for Installing Kodi on Amazon Firestick. So you have to follow the step by step process to install the Kodi on Firestick.

  • Initially Begin the process from Settings then System and after that click on the developer options. There you have to turn on the option of Apps From Unknown Sources. After completion of all the process and successfully installation of Kodi in your Amazon firestick or fire Tv, You can turn it off.
  • Go to setting and then click on About System and then Network and note the IP address of your Fire Tv.
  • Then you have to install & setup Apps2Fire and then put the IP address of Amazon Firestick noted before installation.
  • Now you have to install Kodi on your Smart Phone.
  • On Your Phone Click on Menu, after that click on upload button and you will see a list of all your apps. Now select the Kodi from the displayed list of applications.
  • The Installation of Kodi will begins. If you find any error in the installation process then this method will not work for you and you have to use the another methods like by using ES File Explorer or Abdlink which are also described below on this page.

Apps2Fire is a great app which allows us to Download and Install Kodi on Amazon Firestick. If everything works perfectly then kodi will be put into amazon firestick successfully. And enjoy the Kodi on Amazon Firestick.

How to Install Kodi Amazon Fire Stick by ES File Explorer:-

As we all knows we are going to use ES File Explorer which is a best file explorer application to install kodi on Amazon fire stick. ES File Explorer is a best app and it is also available on Amazon store also. Except this if you want to install kodi on your Samsung smart tv then you need to “Install Kodi on Samsung Smart Tv” and then follow the guide. To use Es File Explore Method first you guys need to login your amazon account from your device and activate it. Or you can also search the Es explorer app from your device app store easily.You have to follow the below available steps to Install kodi on Amazon Fire Stick.:

  • Enable Developer Options:-Go to the Settings then click on system and after that developer options. In that section you will get the option for enable “Apps From Unknown Sources”. Enable the option. After performing all these actions the Kodi is installed in your Fire Tv and then you can turn it off.
  • Install ES File Explorer:– This software can be installed in two ways. In first you have to log into your Amazon Account from your laptop or computer and activate it on your Fire TV Stick. Or the next options is to use the search option within the fire stick and install it.

Installing from Fire stick is easiest then the Amazon account which need to be linked to download Es File Explorer. So you have to go through the search icon on the top left and type Es file Explorer in app search bar and click it. Es File Explorer will displayed you have to click on it. At the next screen you will seen the option to download and install the app.

  • Download Kodi (Installing Kodi On FireTv):- Es File Explorer is a best app for managing files & also allow us to get download the files from third party and APK quickly. Click on the left of screen. Then you have to click on “Add” button. Now you will see a form to fill the details.
  • Add Kodi Download Link: In the Path option, you have to enter the link to download the kodi software. You need to enter http://kodi.tv/download in the path section and also do not forget to add HTTP://  Text in name section just put Kodi.
  • Start Downloading Kodi (How to install Kodi On Amazon Fire Stick):After this press on the Kodi Option at the side bar. This will open the download page of kodi. Scroll down & Click on Find android option. Make assured to download the ARM version of Android.
  • How to install kodi fire stick (Put Kodi on Firestick box):- wait till the download will be complete and after it press on open file option. You can seen a APK Of Kodi. Open the APK file and select install kodi on fire tv.
  • After completing installation click on open tab and enjoy kodi on fire stick.
  • The Kodi is installed perfectly in your Amazon Fire Tv at Settings >Application> Managed Installed Application> Kodi.

Installing Kodi Firestick Through abdlink:-

The Method of Installing Kodi through abdlink is quite complicated rather than by using ES file explorer. If you don’t have  an android smartphone,  then this is the only method which helps you to setup Kodi on fire stick.

In this method you need a computer/laptop and fire stick which is also connected to the same network or Wi-Fi / Internet connection. You can use any of the operating systems like Windows, Mac or Linux. Abdlink works similarly with all of them. Follow the below given steps to install Kodi on Firestick by using abdlink.

adblink kodi install

  • At first download the kodi file from the link: http://mirrors.kodi.tv/releases/android/arm/kodi-16.1-Jarvis-armeabi-v7a.apk 
  • Save it in the system in which you want to run Abdlink.
  • Now You have to enable ABD in Amazon Fire TV device. Then start fire stick and navigate to Settings > System > Developer Options.
  • Turn on the options for Apps from Unknown Sources & ADB debugging or if you seen a message about unknown sources then click on Ok.
  • Now we have to search the IP address of Fire TV device or Firestick to use the Abdlink tool. We usually need to use the IP to push the files into the Amazon Firestick or Fire TV Device.
  • Go to Settings and then System then About and after that Network. Note down the displayed IP address it will be use in next step.
  • The Firestick is now ready and the time comes to prepare the computer system or the device in which you want to install the Kodi firestick. Now you have to download the Abdlink according to your system for windows, Linux or Mac.
  • After completion of download and installation you will seen a similar window. Then Click on New button which is highlighted.
  • After that in the description part type Then enter the IP address in the address section and now click on Save button.
  • Now again you are on the main screen of Abdlink. Now press on connect tab.
  • Now Connected Devices box will be seen and the IP of your Firestick will also be listed here.
  • Click on the option given as Install APK
  • Now you have to locate the Kodi file that we downloaded in the beginning of the process. After Successfully locating the file of Kodi you will seen a message box, click on
  • If the entire process is done correctly then the installation will be started. You can check the installation status at the left corner of the Abdlink.
  • Now you will find a Installed Message in the Abdlink. Then click on Ok

finally kodi is now ready to use on your Amazon Firestick or Amazon Fire TV devices. Navigate to

Settings – Applications – Managed Installed Applications- Kodi.

The Method of using Abdlink is quite tricky and complex but if you follow the instructions in a correct manner then you can easily installed Kodi in Amazon Fire Stick.

After Installing the Kodi on Firestick You will Do these things:-

  • Torrent Content will directly stream on your firestick.
  • If you setup IPTV then you can also stream & watch live TV.
  • View High-Quality Images.
  • Stream Music from Various Services.
  • You can enjoy various streaming services like Youtube, Netflix & HUHU through Kodi.