The placenta kodi addon which can give more excitement than some other add-ons. Most of the kodi followers are showing much interest to get this installation procedure for their different kodi versions. Now we are going to give you the procedure for this installation and you will be watching your favourite videos on this addon.

Before we are going to start our tutorial we must know some important aspects of the repository from where placenta come out. Actually, the Placenta was introduced by the Blamo repository. This blame repository is given different add-ons than before this addon, they have worked well and for giving the updated addon to the users for this year it is introducing this Placenta addon through the new URL of the blamo repository. So let me tell you the procedure to get this new third-party add-on for your favourite kodi software.

How To Install Placenta On Kodi Krypton 17 & 17.6

In the below lines, we are going to teach you on “how to install latest placenta addon on your kodi krypton versions 17&17.6 by using the blamo repository new URL”. So why late just let me start my tutorial and then you can follow them on your kodi krypton, OK! let’s start.

1). To start our installation procedure you have to “Launch Kodi 17.6 krypton” from your device

2). From that kodi home screen, you have to click on “Addons”

3). From the top of your kodi screen, you have to select “Settings” icon

Install Placenta On Kodi 1

4). Now you will find “Unknown Sources” option, just give a click on it, do it will become “disabled”

Install Placenta On Kodi 2

5). Here you need to go back to “Kodi Home Screen”> select “Settings” option> Chose “File Manager”> Click on “Add Source”> Now “None” option would appear just select that none option to enter the following URL.

Install Placenta On Kodi 4

6). The URL is “” then select “OK”

7). Now you can see “Enter a name for this media source” in the below of your screen

8). So you need to give a name to that source for example here we are giving “Blamo”

9). Now select “OK”

Install Placenta On Kodi 3

10). Go back to “Kod Home Screen”>Select “Addons”> Now click on “Addon browser”

Install Placenta On Kodi 5

11). After that, you need to click on “Install from zip file”

Install Placenta On Kodi 6

12). From that zip file, you can find “Blamo folder” (which you kept this name in the previous step)

Install Placenta On Kodi 7

13). In that folder, you will find “”, so just give a click on it

Install Placenta On Kodi 8

14). After few seconds you will get “Addon Enabled” notification

Install Placenta On Kodi 8

15). Now select “Install From Repository”> Chose the famous “Blamo Repo”> Click on “Video Addons”>Select “Placenta”> Now you will get “Install” option just hit on that to get this addon.

Install Placenta On Kodi 9

16). After few seconds you will get “Addon Enabled notification”

Now your kodi krypton has got the “Placenta” addon. if you want to watch your favourite videos through this addon you have to follow these steps. The steps are

Just go to your “Kodi home screen”> Now select “Addons”> Now you can see your favourite “Placenta” here then you can search for your favourite videos through this addon.

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How To Install Placenta On Kodi Jarvis 16& Below

Are you using Kodi Jarvis 16 and it’s below versions, are you thinking your kodi version is very poor in getting the new addons. Don’t think like that because we are giving the best addons for every kodi version, so we have kept this [lacenta addon for your kodi Jarvis installation steps here so just follow them and get this addon instantly to your kodi Jarvis.

  1. To get this placenta addon to your kodi you need to “Start your Kodi home screen”
  2. Now chose “System” menu from your kodi home screen
  3. Then you need to select “File Manager”
  4. Now you will find “Add source”, double-click on that
  5. Select “None” option to enter the URL
  6.” this URL you must enter the “None” option
  7. Then select “Done” option
  8. Now give a name as “Blamo” to this “Media source” and press “OK”
  9. Go back to the “Kodi Main Menu”> Now click on “System” on the main menu again> There you have to select “Addons”
  10. Now click on “Install from zip file”> Select your folder “Blamo”
  11. Chose “”> Now you have to click on “Install” after that wait for few seconds to get “Addon enabled” notification
  12. Here you have to click on “Install From Repository”> Chose “Blamo Repo” > Select “Video Addons”> Find your aspiring addon “Placenta”> Select “Install”> Wait for few seconds to get this “Placenta addon installed notification”

This procedure will help you a lot to get the placenta third-party addon. After getting this addon you may enjoy all your favourite videos and any kind of movies irrespective of languages. So why late just select your placenta addon and watch your favourite videos on it.

How To Install Placenta On Firestick Kodi

To get this third-party addon to your firestick kodi, you have to follow the below steps and in that steps, you can know what to do and what not to do aspects while installing this addon.

Before we are going to install the placenta third party addon to your firestick, you must confirm whether your firestick had kodi software or not. If not just follow our guide to getting the “Kodi software for your firestick”.

  1. Go to “Firestick Home”> Click on “Settings” option>Then chose “Application”> Click on “Manage Installed applications”> Select “Kodi”

That’s all now your firestick had the “Kodi Software”. Now you have to do to get the placenta addon to your firestick is just follow the above steps of kodi Jarvis from the beginning step.

Placenta Not Working Issues and solutions

Issue 1: Placenta Could Not Connect To A Repository

You might be installed an outdated repository or your internet connection would have in weak signal positions. Mostly these mistakes cause to occur to this error. Then how to solve placenta not working issues. We are giving the solution for it from below lines.


You must check whether you have entered the perfect URL or not. Most of the users are forgetting to enter the “/” symbol in the URL. This issue might be occurred because of your weak internet connection. So have to check that issue also.

Issue 2: Placenta Failed Install A Dependency

Mostly this kind of errors would appear because of the outdated repository and necessary dependent files are not installed yet. So because of these reasons your addon had to be failed to get an install a dependency issue. So let me tell you the solutions to this issues.


You must check that your repository has updated version or not. If not you have to follow our tutorial which was given in the above tutorial. The second reason is you might be used an outdated or mistaken repository URL. So make them correct to get the perfect repository and then you will get the perfect addon.


That’s it now you have the perfect and healthy placenta addon and its introducing blamo repository. You can watch all your favourite videos on this addon. If you find any mistakes in this article you can say to us about our mistakes through the comment section. We will solve those mistakes as well as the user asking doubts.

So feel free to share your brilliant thoughts with us and also your doubts. Have a good day.