Most of the covenant kodi users are getting a doubt in most of the situations of streaming some videos. The doubt was, is covenant kodi legal to use in their residence places or not? Before we going to find the answer to this question we have to know some more related information about this covenant kodi add-on. This covenant kodi add-on is like all other add-ons such as Exodus, nemesis, Specto, .. etc. This add-on will allow you to watch your favourite videos at any time at anywhere except some restricted areas. If you want to watch all your favourite videos and your favourite tv shows you have to follow the below instructions.

Stay On The Safe Side To Use Covenant On Kodi

Most of the countries said and restricted to using of the covenant on kodi is considered as illegal for some websites. Mostly Australia, America, Canada, Germany, France,..etc. These countries said and implemented that the websites which are giving movies and tv shows through the kodi add-ons such as covenant and others will not be considered as legal and users also not permitted to use the covenant add-on on kodi.

Because of the above reasons, the covenant add-on fans are disappointed. They are missing all their favourite videos in the restricted areas. Because of them, the VPN has come one step to before of them. If you use this VPN you can watch your favourite videos and other tv shows not only in the permitted areas also in the restricted areas. It will keep in the safe position your ISP and other information which let them know about your covenant kodi add-on. If you don’t want to use this VPN you have to keep aside your covenant kodi add-on without using that add-on features. If you want the covenant kodi add-on features you should set up VPN.

How To Set Up VPN

If you are using the covenant kodi add-on in the restricted areas they will trace your information and they will collect the data such as what kind of websites are you using, What kind of videos are you watching,…etc.. Finally, the regional government or officers will send you notices to your email or through any other social media sites.  But when you come to VPN you are at safe place. The VPN can give a privacy to watch and to use any kind of websites. So here we are giving you the information about how to set up VPN to your covenant kodi add-on. Teh steps are as folows

  1. First of all, you need to sign up with the VPN provider
  2. Here we are recommending use IP VANISH
  3. Install the VPN application to your pc, laptop, or any other devices
  4.  Then you should connect VPN application to the VPN server
  5. Now you are in the safe position, you can use this covenant kodi add-on
  6. Enjoy your favourite videos through the covenant kodi add-on in restricted areas also.

Why We Recommended To Use IP VANISH means

  • It can give 24/7 live support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 7 days money back guarantee
  • They will give 20% discount
  • Optimized apps for kodi

The above qualities will available to you if use the IP vanish. It will satisfy you much than you want. The IP VANISH will keep you in the safe zone while you are in the restricted areas and also it will protect your covenant kodi add-on from other unsafe websites.