Have you ever experienced while anything went wrong while you were doing something with much concentration. It is very frustrating! isn’t it? At the same time when it comes to kodi not working for neptune rising addon you will be very frustrated. So to fix the Kodi neptune rising not working you have to follow some steps which we mentioned below.

There is only one error to let the addon not working issues, there is many not working errors especially for this neptune rising kodi addon such as neptune rising not showing sources, neptune rising no stream available 2019 and other different types of neptune rising errors. To solve all those errors you have to follow their solutions which explained them below.

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Neptune Rising No Stream Available 2019 & Not Working

We have been using the neptune rising kodi addon since some months, but we didn’t get any issue about the neptune rising streamingn videos. But in now a days every neptune rising addon users are getting this Kodi no stream available error on their addon. So to fix this issue you have to follow the below steps.

  1. From your “Kodi Home Screen” you have to right click on “Neptue Rising”
  2. Chose “Information” option > select “Update” at the same time “Turn On Auto Updates”
  3. Now select the latest version “Blamo Repo 1.4.0”

Now Fix “No Stream Available” By using the below steps

  1. Chose “Updated Neptune Rising” > Select “Tools” > Click on “Neptune Rising: Clear Cache..” > Select “Yes”
  2. Now hit on “Neptune Rising: Clear Providers” > Click on “Yes”
  3. Come back to the “Kodi Home Screen” > “Right Click Neptune Rising” > Hit on “Settings” > Change “Ptoviders Timeout to 20”
  4. Select “Playback” from the left side of your screen > Turn Off the “Hosters With Captchas”
  5. Now click on the “Library”> “Turn On” the “Check Movie Before Adding It”
  6. Finaly, click on “OK”

With this procedure you can stop the kodi no stream error for neptune rising not working issue. This is the very reputative issue so whenver you get this no stream available error on neptune rising you have to follow the above steps and get the best streaming experience.

How To Fix Neptune Rising Addon Errors & Not Working Issues 2019

From the above steps we can fix one of the neprune rising not working issues and now we are going to fix some more errors which are facing the users those who are using kodi neptune rising addon. So let me tell you those not working errors and their solutions.

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Neptune Rising Not Showing Sources

Actually, this is an issue which neptune rising searching for sources and also it finds those sources but the errors is the sources list will not showing after going back to episode list.

So at this time, all you have to do is “Just uninstall the kodi software and also the Neptune Rising Addon and then reinstall them and now try to play the source that you have find before uninstall it. So definitely it is working now. There will be no more issue with this Neptune rising not showing sources error.

Neptune Rising Broken

The neptune rising addon is bringing the links 650 720p but they are not working and they broken, So to fix this neptune rising broken issue you have to install the “URL Resolver” to work neptune rising properly.

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Neptune Rising Not Playing

No matter to say! you must have to use the olpair server or any other pairing servers such as flashx, vshare pair servers to fix this neptune rising not playing movies. If you use one those pairing server you have a possibility to get direct links for recent movies.  If it doesn’t work please let us know the error you are getting on your neptune rising we feel happy to solve your queries.